Family Heroes

Never Forget!

Larry Carl (Dockstader) Swanson

In 1946, Dad worked as Yeoman on the USAT Jarrett M Huddleston.  The ship had been transferred to the War Department and was used in 1946 as a War Brides Ship.  Dad was on two of those voyages between Bremerhaven, Germany and New York City.

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Larry Edward Swanson

Larry served in Vietnam in 1971-1972 at the AirCav Intel Office where he aided in the translation and forwarding of messages. He also called-in artillery strikes for locations requesting them.  He later became a door-gunner in a Huey Helicopter.

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Paul David Derby

Paul was a pilot of an F4 Phantom jet in Vietnam.  He and his co-pilot were shot down and killed in 1968.  He was one of the 37 Wisconsin soldiers "Missing in Action" in the Vietnam War.

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William Henry Avery

William landed on Utah Beach on D-Day, fought on to Belgium, and was later killed in the Battle of the of the Hürtgen Forest, which is still the longest single battle the Army has ever fought in it's history.

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Earl Nelson Peronto

Earl was an Engineer/Bombadier in a B-17.  His plane was shot down over Germany, he was captured, questioned by the Gestapo, sent to the same Stalag immortalized by the movie "The Great Escape", and was later liberated by General Patton. 

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Agnes (Kujawa) and
Rudolph W F Wegert

Rudolph had medical issues which prevented him from serving in the military, so he worked on the farm.  Agnes worked at the Army Badger Ammunition Plant in Baraboo, WI. 

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