The Dockstader - Wegert Family Tree

Family Tree Information

The Dockstader-Wegert Family Tree is posted online at

The name of the tree is "Dockstader-Wegert Family Tree v2".  If you do not have an membership, email me and I will invite you to see the tree.  A membership is free.

My invitation will require you to create an account.  You may click on this link to view our tree:

Dockstader-Wegert Family Tree v2

Of course, the online tree does not display any personal information for any living family member, unless you are granted access permissions by me.

If you wish to see a complete index of every individual in the tree, click on the "See full list of people" link once you get to the tree.  The online tree includes all of the photos, documents, stories, names, dates, and places collected and researched to date.  New information is added as it is learned or contributed.

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The Dockstader-Wegert Family Tree