The Dockstader-Wegert
Family Tree

Here we share and record family history, information, news, and photos with family and friends.  When I discover something of interest, you would find it here.  These pages also serve as a portal for family to learn more about their ancestry.  

Most of my work is done with our family tree posted on Currently, our Family Tree includes over 33,000 individuals, over 8800 marriages, more than 4500 photos, thousands of documents, and hundreds of family stories.

To see our tree, you will need an account.  The account is FREE.  You may subscribe, if you wish, but it is not required.  Email me and I will send you an "invite" to see the tree. 

You may click on this link to view our tree:

Family Tree v2

Our Family Tree tells quite a story which sometimes reads like a novel.  You may see how family touched all parts of the world throughout history.  Our ancestors made the discoveries, fought and died in the wars, settled the new lands, and became our leaders, while making their contributions to society.  

Our tree includes renowned early explorers, war heroes, Presidents, Congressmen, Traitors, Preachers, Scientists, Kings, Writers, World Leaders, Artists, Actors, and Millionaires (show me the money--smiles).

I also had my DNA tested, so seeing hypothetical family connections "proved" in that manner is a very gratifying reward for connecting the dots.  Curious of the things you can learn from your DNA?  Take a look at my results...

“Happy or unhappy, families are all mysterious. We have only to imagine how differently we would be described--and will be, after our deaths--by each of the family members who believe they know us.”
Gloria Steinem

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The Dockstader-Wegert Family Tree

I published my first genealogy book, “Wegert Family and Friends Cookbook and History”, in 2014.  There are over 85,000 words and thousands of photos.  I printed 60 copies and hand-bound the books.  I also made the book available as a PDF.  The PDF is about 80 Mb in size and is available for download.   Anyone interested? 

The book charts Mother's (non-Mormon) side of the family. This Wegert branch of the family tree proved to be the harder of the two to research.  The Wegert branch of the tree did not offer the concise records as done on Father's side, the Mormon branch of the tree.

I had been collecting family information and data for several years and wondered how to share my work with the family.  Originally, my question gave rise to the idea of a small family cookbook with some family history mixed-in.  The project soon became the reverse--a family history with some recipes mixed in. Several years and thousands of hours later, the book has 480 pages of family tree charts, photos, family stories, maps, and copies of family documents. The many stories and memories contributed by family bring you closer to that history. 

If you agree with the Chinese Proverb, “One Picture is Worth Ten Thousand Words”, then you will be happy with the visuals presented.  My volumes are rich with hundreds of annotated family photos.  
There are names for all the faces!  

Since then, I have published several more-personalized editions using the "Family Book Creator" software, "Family Tree Maker" software, and  The resulting books are wonderfully organized and presented by the software in a very readable format, including photos, tree charts, names, dates, and places for everyone included.  I created a personalized book like this for all my Aunts and Uncles.  I am working on a project to make a personalized book like this for all my cousins.  It's amazing what today's software can do, eh?

I hope you enjoy reading about the explorations and seeing the new stuff about our family history!

The latest NEWS:  I have been working on my outline and gathering materials for a new book...”Dockstader and Wegert, Family and Friends – Heroes”.  This will be a book about family who served our country.

Read my newspaper story from the Feb. 14, 2019 issue of the Berlin Journal, Princeton Times, Green Lake Reporter, Omro Herald and Markesan Regional.  HERE...

Family Heroes

Here we honor some of the family members who have served their country.  I offer my online memorials here.

There are stories of War Bride ships, a B-17 Engineer/bombardier who was shot down and captured in WWII, an F4 pilot who was one of the 37 "missing in action" heroes from Wisconsin, another hero who served in Vietnam, and a man who fought and died in the Hürtgen Forest in World War II. 

Never Forget!

Celebrity Connections

I have discovered some celebrities in the family tree, with many of them confirmed by DNA.  See who and how.

Name-dropping:  Alexander Hamilton, Jimmy Buffett, Leo Tolstoy, Prince Phillip, Napoleon Bonaparte, Susan Sarandon, Copernicus, Marie Antoinette, Warren Buffett. Edgar Rice Boroughs, Calvin Coolidge, Edwin Hubble, Philo Farnsworth, Kathern Hepburn, Maime Eisenhower, J P Morgan, Willa Cather, and others.


I have posted my AncestryDNA and 23andMe DNA results.  I also had mother's DNA tested, which gave me a better result for determining Maternal/Paternal ancestry.

There is so much information besides only ethnicity.  There are maps illustrating where my "genes" came from...and where they went.  I also learned of thousands of new "DNA" cousins and have communicated with many.  Everyone interested in ancestry should consider the tests.  Take a look at the possibilities!