Rudolph Raymond Wegert

I present a family war hero.
by Jerry Dean Swanson

Rudolph Raymond Wegert was born on Thursday, July 24, 1930, in Quincy, Adams, Wisconsin. He is the son of Rudolph Wilhelm Fredrick Wegert and Agnes Kujawa.  We call him "Buddy"...or Rudy.

Rudolph served in the US Marine Corps between August 06, 1948 and August 05, 1957.
He served in the USMCR SERVICE between August 06, 1957 and September 06, 1963. 

Buddy was a true county-boy born into the times of the Depression.  He grew up with seven siblings on a farm and one which they share-cropped for several years.  He married Alice Larayne White, having four children:  Shelia Marie, Rudolph Alan, Lynn Suzanne, and Robert Jay Wegert.  list of military commendations, medals, and awards is a testimony to his devotion to service. 

Much of the following story was written by Rudolph Alan Wegert.  We called him..."Little Rudy"...smiles.

At the end of my presentation, you may read a story by Buddy's son, Rudy, about what it was like to grow up in a military family.

Thank you for your service Rudy!

Agnes (Kujawa) and W. F. Wegert Family
(about 1936)
Agnes (Kujawa) holding Dolores. Rudolph R. in front of Agnes.  Marilyn in front of Rudy. William F. in the chair. R. W. Wegert holding pipe. Betty J. in front of R.W. Frances in front of Betty.

The Wegert Family, about 1949
Dolores, Yvonne, Frances, Agnes, Rudolph R., Rudolph W.,
William, Marilyn, Sandra, and Betty Wegert

At the age of 25, Rudolph Raymond Wegert married Alice Larayne White on Saturday, February 04, 1956, in Adams when she was 19 years old. They have four children: Shelia, Rudolph, Lynn and Robert.

Wegert Wedding, 1956
Charles W White, Alice (White) Wegert, Rudolph Wegert, and
Florence E (Burgess) White

Rudy in California

Forrest Tucker and PFC Rudy R. Wegert during a break in shooting parts for Movie "Sands of Iwo Jima" at Camp Pendleton.

Rudy and Alice Wegert

Thank you for your Service Rudolph Raymond Wegert