Bottle Tree Creations by Jerry Swanson

Some Smiling Customers...
about their Bottle Trees...




"We had a fabulous time and maybe drained a couple of those bottles!  The tree is on Frye Island in Maine and several of my friends there really love this tree."


Send me a photo of your tree and I'll post it here...
and become FAMOUS!

Las Vegas, NV


"A beautiful morning in Cypress. I have finally installed the bottle tree Jerry Swanson of Wisconsin sent to me during the cruel drought last year. It adds a bit of spirituality and color to my patio garden along with the multicolored Lantana just planted for the butterflies. They have been numerous and sensational this spring."
Cypress, Texas


"Hopefully you will like the added touch of the steer skull, as that is way to Montana at times.  It was a huge hit and made my wife cry with excitement.  Thanks"
Billings Montana

"Thanks again for our beautiful blue bottle tree!  We love it!"
Grand Rapids, MI

Thanks!  I love my new bottle tree!
Glendale, Wisconsin

"My friends really like it too."
Miami, Florida

Eldora, IA

"Thanks for everything."
Glen Flora, TX

"We enjoyed the ride up and back! I enjoyed talking with you and seeing your beautiful property. How peaceful and relaxing!"
Sussex, Wisconsin


"I have many more bottles of Riesling to drink before it's full of blue bottles, but here it is in the meantime.  Thanks so much, it's perfect."
Baton Rouge, Louisana

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"Thank you very much for the tree!  I am enjoying it so much!  It was a great gift for my birthday!"
Fort Dodge, Iowa


"It's up and running and I LOVE it!  It's right in the middle of my back yard and makes for a great focal point.  Not to mention it is so much cooler than a satellite dish.  It makes me happy every time I look at it.  You have made me very happy!"
Richmond, IL


"I LOVE my 3 new bottle tree creations!"
Sussex, Wisconsin

"I love it.  It fit perfectly between the trees at the front of my house and adds just the touch of “sculpture” I was looking for in that raised bed (which now can be filled with river rock)."
Bedford, Texas

"I love it...makes me smile every time I see it. I thank you for you talent."
Ft. Worth, TX

"Love it.  Put rubber protectors on end of each branch to protect bottles.
Not ready to catch evil spirits."
Terre Haute, IN

Bird Bath Bottle Tree in Hot Springs, AR
Hot Springs, AR
"My tree was planted in a flower pot on my back deck.
I absolutely love it!  Thank you!"...Sandra

Houston, Texas

Greenvale, NY

Sylvania, OH


"I had a friend out to the farm today.  She's a real fan of bottle trees and she said it's one of the best looking ones she's seen...It's sort of a nice surprise out in the woods.  It's survived some pretty high winds this year so far...Thanks for your creations!"
Plano, TX

Attached to a deck in Holland, MI

"Doesn't my bottle tree look cool?  I love it.
Soon it will go to red and green for Christmas, but I LOVE IT.
Thanks for making these and selling them."
Holland, Michigan

Crooked Bottle Tree
Crooked bottle Tree in Townsend, WI


"Absolutely loves it"
Dublin, OH

"Here is a photo of my bottle tree that I bought from you, hope you like it.  Now make me Famous like you said you would!!"
Rio Rico, Arizona

"I love it ... makes me smile every time I see it."
Kaukauna, Wisconsin

"What a blast we had creating our bottle tree!!
Our book club, The Literate Winos,  will look upon this
adventure as one of many that we will always remember!
Thanks for making this happen for us :)"
Sanford, Maine


"She loves it!  Thank you!"
Hickory, NC


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Sussex, Wisconsin

"We have had so many complements already. We have placed it in
the front of our home and every time we look out the picture windows
we get to view the bottle tree."
Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin


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"Notice we even have a fish shaped bottle!  That bottle of wine was given to us at our wedding shower 21 years ago.  I insisted we have some of the bottles stay blue because we know their powers!  We can't wait to see the tree this winter covered in snow.  Thanks again for all your piece has added to our yard.  P.S. Our neighbors are jealous!
Sheboygan, Wisconsin

"Wanted to share a couple pics of it with you since it is your first in Canada.  Haven’t got enough bottles for it (Guess I need to drink more wine!), but our plan is to collect them as we visit different places. South Western Ontario is very good wine country."
Ontario, Canada


"We used a base from a broken patio heater and buried it in the gravel.  Holes are too hard to dig!"
Tucson, AZ


"You may recall I contacted you a couple of months ago about potentially shipping a bottle tree to the UK and it would of cost the price of a small car?????  I thought you might like to see my finished article - I found a local welder who made this for me. As it is based on one of yours I thought you may like to see it and technically it is the first bottle tree in the UK attributed to Jerry Swanson!!.
Take care and keep enjoying the gardening."

United Kingdom


"Bottle Tree Photos and Proof
of it's effectiveness!"

A                  B

Click on the photo for the larger version...

"My wife and I love the tree...But for now, I wanted to let you know that when it comes to performing its intended function of trapping evil spirits in the bottles, you can now "guarantee their effectiveness" to your customers, and state confidently that your trees will unquestionably perform as advertised.

In the attached, un-retouched photo (Bottle Tree A), I offer you what may be the first ever photographic evidence of how well your Bottle Trees truly perform their intended task.  This photo is straight from my Droid X phone camera and was taken with an application called High Dynamic Range Camera.  This app takes 4 separate exposures, using exposure bracketing and tone mapping, then combines them for a perfectly balanced exposure.  When I looked at this completed photo, I immediately noticed that there was what appears to be, a spirit of ill-intent caught in one of the upper bottles and actually showing itself - And this is only one day after planting!  I give you my word - this picture has not,  in any way, been altered or undergone any photo-manipulation what so ever.  What you see is what the camera actually caught."

 I have also attached a second picture, taken with the same app, and just after the first one (Bottle Tree B), but it looks like the trapped spirit shied away in this one.  This photo was  cleaned up a bit in Photo Shop, so as to minimize some distracting elements and emphasize the Bottle Tree better. "

 Tracy, CA



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