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You may see some of my customer's photos and comments HERE!


 I was featured in a front-page Wall Street Journal article about Bottle Trees
by Gwendolyn Bounds.
Read the article HERE...



I was a guest on the NPR Station, Mississippi Public Broadcasting, on Friday, August 24, 2012.

The program was The Gestalt Gardener, with
Horticulturist Felder Rushing.
You may listen to the program HERE...
What Great Fun It Was!

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Bottle Tree Creations by Jerry Swanson


Something New for Your Garden
From Wisconsin!

 Bird Bath Bottle Tree
Cobalt Blue Bird Bath Bottle Tree...
The Bath is Crackled Glass
It Sparkles in the Sun!


Freesia Bottle Tree
Also NEW for 2014...Freesia Bottle Tree
Insipired by the flower.

Gazing Ball Bottle Tree on Lake Michigan
Gazing Ball Bottle Tree on Lake Michigan
"Your bottle creations brightens up the landscape.  Gorgeous!"

Wall Hanging Bottle Tree, Style B
A new Wall Hanging Bottle Tree


BottleBall Bottle Tree
The snow is pretty on the bottles
It is safe to leave your Bottle Tree in
your garden 365 days a year!


I now have my Bottle Trees planted in 48 States!
Most recent State is Idaho.

Be the first in your state and save
You could save between $17 and $175

The lucky person to order a tree for the 50th State will get it FREE!

Click HERE for the current states list...


BottleBrush Bottle Tree

Gazing Ball Bottle Tree
Gazing Ball Bottle Tree
The ball is crackled glass...
Also available in Green

Each bottle tree is "signed"
with my copper tag.

Stands nicely on a flat surface!

Hot off the Press...and Some GREAT NEWS!

On July 19th, 2013, I was featured in an article in the Akron Beacon Journal.  Mary Beth Breckenridge, the Home and Garden writer, had some very nice things to say about my designs.  You may read the article here...
The Akron Beacon Journal

The article was carried by the McClatchy News Service and was
subsequently picked up by several of their subscribers. 
The article has appeared in these publications...so far...

My Communities.Ohio.com, July 21, 2013
Jackson.Ohio.com, Jackson Township, Oh, July 21, 2013
Thalo, Artist Community, Melville, NY, July 29. 2013
Herald and News, Klamath Falls, OR, July 30, 2013
Miami Herald, Miami, FL, July 30, 2013
NewsUK, Great Britain, July 30,2013
The Wisconsin State Journal, Madison, WI, Sunday, August 4, 2013
The Lewiston Tribune, Lewiston, ID, Sunday, August 4, 2013
The Houston Chronicle, Houston, TX, August 9, 2013
The Star-Telegram, Ft. Worth, TX, August 9, 2013
The San Antonio Express, San Antonio, TX, August 9, 2013
The Free Lance-Star, Fredericksburg, VA, August 9, 2013
The Star, Malaysia, August 10, 2013
The Herald, Monterey, CA, August 10, 2013

News Observer, Raleigh, NC, August 30, 2013


The ball in the photo is a 10-inch Blue, Glow-in-the-dark,
and Hand-Blown Glass Gazing Ball. 
With bottles and ball = $299.00.
It is also available with a Solar Powered UV light
which activates the glow-in-the-dark crystals
all night long.  Very pretty glow!

The Cobalt Blue is so pretty in the Sun!


WindBlown Bottle Tree, attached to a deck post...NICE!


This is my Tent Trellis Bottle Tree
I will be training my pole beans on this tree!




I believe my original steel interpretations of the Bottle Tree would make an interesting accent to your garden!

And even better...
The Bottle Tree comes with a charming story you can re-tell when someone asks "What are the bottles for?"

CLICK HERE to read my
Bottle Tree Story...



Several Trees

Free Shipping


Hanging Plant Tree
$49 and $59

CatTail Tree



See ALL of my
designs here...


Since my first designs in 2001, I have interpreted the Bottle Tree Tradition with several styles of my Bottle Trees!  All original, unique, and inspired by my gardens!  My trees have been featured in the Wall Street Journal (front page), The Star Tribune, and dozens of other newspapers across the country and Canada.

I design and create my Bottle Trees here in Princeton, Wiasonsin.
Enjoy your visit...I'm happy you stopped in! 


Floor-standing Little CatTail Bottle Tree


I am pleased to announce my feature in a new book...
"Bottle Trees...and the Whimsical Art of Garden Glass"
by Felder Rushing

"One of the most prolific bottle tree makers lives in the upper
Midwest...Jerry Swanson."


WindBlown Bottle Tree
A favorite of my customers!
Get it here...
w/o bottles

Hanging Chandelier Bottle Tree
A NEW Hanging Chandelier Bottle Tree design for 2014
It will look pretty with a swag-like lamp in the middle of the bottles!

Small Hanging Plant Bottle Tree, with Petals

A new design of my Gazing Ball Bottle Tree.
It will accommodate a gazing ball up to 12 inches in diameter.
The ball in the photo is a 10-inch Stainless Steel Blue Gazing Ball.
With bottles and ball = $299.00


Large Fountain Bottle Tree on Lake Michigan
Large Fountain Bottle Tree on Lake Michigan
"I didn't think it was possible but I wanted to let you know that I love my trees even more today than I did when I got them."


Wall Rack Bottle Tree
The purple Clemetis and red Mandevilla Flowers
are pretty with the cobalt blue bottles!

The large gazing ball is 14 inches in diameter.

The Crooked Bottle Tree

Small Cobalt Blue Boston Bottles
Bird Bath Bottle Tree

Hanging Plant Bottle Tree
Without bottles


Small (holds 6 bottles)
Large (holds 12 bottles)

Choose Size


You may see some of my customer's photos and comments HERE!

Small Fountain Bottle Tree

BottleBrush Bottle Tree
It was nice the Wisconsin Spring weather let my
Azalea bloom this year!

A Wisconsin Badgers Bottle Tree

Several Trees

(Free Shipping on some)

Hanging Plant Tree
Hanging Bottle Tree
CatTail Tree


CatTail Bottle Tree
Special Price HERE!
for a limited time...

I made a fountain-like bottle tree for my pond...
I am compiling a time-lapse series of photos of the
pond coming to life...the current animation is below...


Hanging Plant Bottle Tree

Small Cedar Bottle Tree
Small Cedar Bottle Tree
These tree branches sway gently in the breeze!

See All of My Tree Designs
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The Lotus Bottle Tree

You may see some of my customer's photos and comments HERE!

CatTail Bottle Tree
with HUGE 1.5 L Cobalt Blue Bottles
These are very rare and expensive bottles...
but they do look nice on this CatTail Bottle Tree!


Hanging Chandelier Bottle Tree
The flickering candles reflected on
the bottles are very cool!

See All of My Tree Designs
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And one more reason you might want to call before
you wish to stop in for a visit...Smiles.

Large Hanging Plant Bottle Tree with Sepals--NEW


And More News...

Read about my Bottle Trees in The Minneapolis Star Tribune,
by Kim Palmer
"Add a touch of glass in outdoor decor"
Read the Article HERE...

The article was also part of the MCT Newswire, and was printed
in media and newspapers across the US and Canada...
Including the Wisconsin State Journal!

Star Tribune, Minneapolis, MN. Dec. 7, 2011.
Wayne's Home Decor Blog, Dec. 8.
Kansas City Star, Kansas City, KS. Dec. 9.
The State, Columbia, SC. Dec. 9.
Belleville News-Democrat, Belleville, IL, Dec. 9.
Center Daily Times, State College, PA, Dec. 9.
The Telegraph, Macon, GA, Dec. 9.
The Herald
, Rock Hill, SC, Dec. 9.
Topix, Dec. 9
The News Tribune, Tacoma, WA, Dec. 9.
The Paducah Sun,
Paducah, KY, Dec. 10.
Repeating Islands, Caribbean Blog,
Dec. 10.
The Southwest Times Record,
Fort Smith, AR, Dec. 11
The Hawk Eye
, Burlington, IA, Dec. 11.
The Arizona Star, Tucson, AZ, Dec. 11, 2011
Hamilton Spectator, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, Dec. 14.
The Sacramento Bee, Sacramento, CA. Dec. 14.
The Seattle Times, Seattle, WA, Dec. 14.
The Wisconsin State Journal, Madison, WI, Dec. 18.
The Columbus Dispatch, Columbus, OH, Dec. 19.
The Journal News, White Plains, NY, Dec. 19.

Hanging Bottle Tree
(w/o bottles)

BottleBall Bottle Tree
BottleBall Bottle Tree
I really like this one!

Large Hanging Chandelier Bottle Tree
The white mini lights accent the Cobalt Blue Bottles nicely!
I also made one a little smaller.

Fall in Holland, MI


See All of My Tree Designs
Click here...

4x4 Wall Rack Bottle Tree!

The Obelisk Bottle Tree

Visit my gardens to see my many one-of-a-kind creations!

Blowing Bush Bottle Tree


Daisy Bottle Tree

Giant Lily Bottle Tree--NEW


Press Release | October 2011
Author Cindy Ann Coldiron features artist
"Jerry Swanson in an exploration of the use
of recycled glass as a medium for sculpture
and creative design.  Several of the artist's
tree designs are in the book".
Read the story HERE...




The Bottle Tree comes with a charming story you can re-tell when someone asks "What are the bottles for?"
CLICK HERE to read my Bottle Tree Story...

Small TeePee Bottle Tree
Small TeePee Bottle Tree
Also looks great on a picnic tabletop!


Turkey Bottle Tree
Peacock Bottle Tree!


The pond shapes-up nicely!
Wait for it...


My bosses...Bailey and Alice
Bailey is 8 years old and weighs 14.5 pounds (Big-Boned...smiles).
Alice is 5 years old and is a tiny 4.5 pounds (Alice was the cute runt of the litter).
Guess who's the Bossy one!
They are saying..."Yes Dad...Anything you say".


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